How It Began

AGEM Property Group, was originally founded by Adrian Fiore as a business that solely developed property and investment opportunities for family, friends and close relationships.

Adrian noticed a gap in the Perth market which was an option for a low cost, efficient and easy going property development and investment firm. This encouraged him to create AGEM Property Group to help not only fill this gap, but become recognised as a leading property developer in Perth.

The four core divisions of AGEM Property Group are Nugem Capital, AGEM Developments, Melros Construction, and Trident Property Partners.

In 2013, Adrian re-branded the business and opened the doors to every day investors, so they could benefit from the same opportunities his close network have had in the past. His strong Taxation and Accounting degree is a skill that is utilised in every day investment, development, and sales for the business he has created.

AGEM Property Group is one of Perth’s premier property development firms, which connects investors with upcoming property development opportunities within the Australian market.

Our property professionals manage the entire process on behalf of clients to ensure our investors have access to the best possible opportunities, in order to maximise individual capital objectives.

Our Team

Adrian Fiore, Executive Director of AGEM Property Group

Adrian has a Bachelor of Business from Edith Cowan University, and has used it to gain experience and skills as an internationally reputable financial consultant and businessman working for the Australian government, finance, mining, investment and property industries. He has managed over AU$175 million of commercial and residential property portfolios, and successfully managed over AU$145 million in property investment and development ventures; a testament to his enduring ability to secure and develop exceptional and prosperous assets for the future.

Nicola Fiore

Non-Executive Director

Nicola has created a diverse and immensely successful portfolio of companies, giving him an incomparable ability to develop and manage businesses. Through his loyalty and tenacity, he has created a powerful network of businesses and contacts which has allowed Melros Constructions to access the best of its industry and create a market-leading offering.

Jan Radu

Executive Assistant

Lisa Evans

Group Accountant

Josh McCormick


Con Terribile

Construction Supervisor

Adam Fiore

Project Co-ordinator

Mark Pawluk

Development Manager

Kelly Dickinson

Administration Assistant