Adrian Fiore

Managing Director

Adrian is the founder of AGEM, Group Managing Director, Chairman of AGEM’s Investment Committee and a director of all Trustee entities on the AGEM investment platform. His responsibilities include oversight of the AGEM management team, the performance of AGEM’s investment platform, AGEM financial affairs, investor relations and deal origination.

Adrian incorporated AGEM in 2008. He has since grown AGEM’s commercial and residential property portfolio to fifteen assets with a current market value in excess of A$151 million. Throughout his career, Adrian has acquired more than thirty project transactions with a market value in excess of A$250 million. This breadth of experience has provided Adrian with an intimate understanding of all elements of property investment including acquisitions, leasing, development, divestment, structuring and project funding.

Prior to establishing AGEM, Adrian spent five years working as an accountant at Sothertons Chartered Accountants. Adrian holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Information Systems) from Edith Cowan University.

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