Meet the Team – Malachy McAleer

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Say hello to our Site Manager, Mal 👋

Mal joined the AGEM Construction team in 2019 and is the Site Manager at Iluka Plaza. He is responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly on-site and projects are delivered on time and within budget. 

Get to know Mal below.

What do you love most about working at AGEM?

I have to say the team. What a great bunch of guys and girls. I don’t think that I’ve ever been made to feel as welcome as I have at AGEM.

I’m left to do my job with all the support and more than I could ask for, from my team in the office.

What is your fondest memory of working at AGEM?

I’d have to say the funniest and most enjoyable experience would have to be the social evening we had playing mini-golf at the beautiful Wanneroo Botanical Gardens. My lack of golfing experience shone brightly that night with lots of fun and laughter from my new work colleagues.

The food at the end of the evening was second to none with the spread of woodfired pizzas both sweet and savoury.

When you are not working, you are…

A lot of my spare time is spent running my daughters around, to and from dancing classes. My amazingly talented wife has an Irish Dancing School in Wangara. Her school is highly decorated as being one of the best schools in Australia.

We have 3 daughters dancing highly competitively with multiple State, National & International titles currently under their belts and still going strong.

What has this got to do about me you might ask? Anyone who has children dancing will know where I’m coming from.

I do also love pottering around in the garden and take great pride in my Frangipanis.

What is an interesting fact about you? Or what is something we don’t know about you?

There are a few of those…

Two of my eldest daughters competed in the World Irish Dancing Championships in North Carolina USA last year, finishing 2nd and 20th respectively.

I’m the second youngest of 10 children, 5 boys & 5 girls.

Prior to migrating to Australia in 1991, I took over the family pub in a little village in Northern Ireland, working about 80 hours/week.

Perth is where I met my wife Samantha and have 4 beautiful children, 1 boy, and 3 girls.

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