Meet The Team – Adrian Fiore

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Say hello to our AGEM Managing Director, Adrian Fiore.

When Adrian’s not working, he’s thinking about work! Having founded AGEM in 2008, 10 years in the business certainly explains why.

What do you love most about working at AGEM?

“I love to see the ECO-SYSTEM at work, we have a great team of employees that all collaborate with our external colleagues. These relationships are our ECO SYSTEM and it is amazing to watch the opportunities and successes these create. Our people are our strongest asset.”

What is your fondest memory of working at AGEM?

“Walking into our new office in Dec 2017, which we all worked very hard for and deserve. We started in 75m2 and now we enjoy an office of 675m2 – we have plenty of room to work our magic. The office represents our strength and ability to reap rewards after our achievements. Work hard play hard.”

When you are not working, you are…

Thinking about work. Anyone that knows me understands that I am always on and ready. Apart from work, I love hanging out with my young family, either on road trips or finding the newest breakfast spot in Perth!

What is an interesting fact about you?

“There’s a chance I’m basketball obsessed… my growing signed basketball collection may be a giveaway.”

Stay tuned for the next AGEM team Q & A.