Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

We recognise ESG as an investment, not a cost.

Agem is committed to prioritising ESG principles to guide our operational activities, best reflecting our company’s business values. Maintaining a high level of social responsibility in the local community and continuing the accountability and transparency in our business practices.


Agem has adopted strategies to minimise carbon emissions and to apply more environmentally friendly practices.

Promoting the use of renewable energy by way of solar power generation at Iluka Plaza, solar panels contribute to the reduction of fossil fuels and provide a clean renewable energy option and electricity savings to our tenants.

Implementing a range of product consumption and waste disposal initiatives, contributing to the reduction of Landfill waste, and aiding the conservation of natural resources.


Agem actively pursues assets of not only low-risk investment but with a focus on creating community minded facilities, delivering those essential services from grocery to allied health and childcare.

Agem is proud to support Variety WA, the children’s charity, participating in the annual Bash Drive and have raised more than $40,000 for kids in need.



Agem operates under strict compliance guidelines as regulated by the Australian Financial Services license implementing adequate risk, privacy, and performance management systems.

Our Non-Executive Director, Mark Borrello, brings a wealth of knowledge in Property Law, lending expert counsel in all legal matters.

Agem proudly invests alongside those we partner with creating disciplined and transparent relationships with investors.

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