AGEM Gives Back – Red25

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At AGEM, we believe an important part of business is giving back. 

As a team, we have recently signed up to be members of Red25 – a life-saving social responsibility program open to groups in Australia, from universities to workplaces, which unites members to save lives through blood donation. Red25 runs under The Blood Service – a division of the Australian Red Cross, which links to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent community, the world’s oldest humanitarian organisation.  

Together, Red25 members work towards ensuring that 25% of Australia’s blood donations are secure. We are honored to be part of such a rewarding, life-saving social movement. A donation that’s more powerful than money. Through blood contribution alone, our AGEM team saved a total of 21 lives in June! 

So, how much of a difference can a blood donation make? Well, the blood you donate can be made into 22 different medical treatments, with one third of blood donations helping treat people with cancer. Donating blood doesn’t cost anything, only takes about an hour of your time, you get to relax while doing so, plus a free snack and drink post-donation to lift those sugar levels. 

Red25 provide an online self-service to make it easy to coordinate and manage group bookings, as well as downloadable resources on the donation process. Every donation a member makes is automatically added to a group tally, allowing members to track their contribution.

Our team plans to donate blood every 6 months, and you can keep track of AGEM’s progress, by simply typing our name into the Results Tallies tab over on Red25’s website. Every drop counts!